When women wear sexy leggings around men, do thoughts become things?


A mother of a student at Notre Dame wrote a “letter to the editor” in the student paper wherein she chastised and pleaded for women not to wear leggings because the sight of leggings “obtruded painfully” on her during a visit with her four sons, and made it “difficult for young guys to ignore” women’s bodies, the BBC reported.

Students immediately reacted and took to Twitter to denounce the mother’s critiques; They argued that their clothing choices should not be monitored or policed. One group encouraged students to “wear their leggings proudly on campus.” Others exclaimed they were tired of the “age-old sexist trope” that women are responsible for the actions of men, who are characterized as incapable of controlling themselves.


We have no problem with the legging attire sported by these women and oppose any efforts by college officials to restrict or police woman’s clothing choices. But the notion that men are wired differently than women and therefore can’t control their lust is incongruous: These women are not wearing these outfits for comfort: Women wear sexy clothing to attract men (or women). In this sense, women help facilitate or brew lust. Men do too.

 Do Thoughts Become Things? 

Thoughts become fantasies which are often sexual. Reflections in the depraved minds can cause some to cross the line from legal erotica to criminal activity. Sexual pleasure obtained from viewing beautiful models in a magazine or just imagining being with someone you want is one thing. The problem is that fantasies can escalate into violent and illegal forms of behavior ranging from voyeurism to actual acts of stalking, abduction, and killing.

But the emotions and reactions discussed above spawned from an article focused on depraved minds, not the casual observation of a person wearing leggings, an event that has nothing to do with controlling one’s lust.

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