While affairs between politicians and their lovers are not uncommon, few are between a congressman and a suspected spy: the Eric Swalwell case

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Christine Fang, a Chinese national, fled from the United States over five years ago. That is about the time she was hanging out with Rep. Eric Swalwell and doing things.

News of Swalwell’s relationship with Fang, for the moment, is short on detail. Swalwell, who normally lives for a media moment, has dodged questions about the alleged tryst. Some believe that his relationship with Fang poses a national security interest problem.

“When confronted by a reporter after a jog Thursday morning, the sweaty former presidential candidate kept his head down as he hustled up the steps of his Washington, D.C., home. He hasn’t been able to run as easily away from the controversy.

After Axios broke the Fang story on Dec. 8, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy quickly labeled Swalwell, who eagerly sought the spotlight during President Trump’s impeachment, a national security threat.’ The rest of the caucus has followed suit, with GOP leaders sending a letter this week to Speaker Nancy Pelosi demanding that she remove him from his post on the House Intelligence Committee”, RealClearPolitics reports.  

From his early days, Nancy Pelosi groomed Swalwell when he was a local city council politician to his Congress’s eventual seat. She now downplays the importance of the alleged fling the two have had.

But Fang was doing her thing with Swalwell when he was a member of the House Intelligence Committee, a position that exposes him, and possibly Fang, to the nation’s deepest secrets.

While affairs between politicians and their lovers are not uncommon in American politics, few are between a congressman and a suspected spy.

There is also evidence that Fang helped Swalwell’s during his campaign for Congress.

This tight union poses serious questions, at a minimum, about the depth of Fang’s knowledge of congressional affairs.

Certain members of Congress are expected to receive a briefing on the affair today.

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