Why Covid-19 and alleged contagious variants take advantage of Americans getting lax with safety measures

Some are drumming the need to be worried for 15 years

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“Officials decided to lock down a society and treat every human being like a leper until a vaccine was introduced, regardless of whether those interventions helped one iota in slowing the virus. Well, the vaccine is here, so it’s game over. Wrong. ‘Variants are the new 15  years to flatten the curve. Except the premise is built on a lie.

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‘The US is at risk of losing all its recent gains in the battle against Covid-19 as highly contagious variants take advantage of Americans getting lax with safety measures,’ read the opening line of a fresh new piece of panic porn from CNN on Tuesday. Never mind the fact that the mask mandates have not been lifted one iota in states like California and have been intensified at the federal level, but of course, we already know masks don’t work.

It’s the perfect narrative. What more can they do to keep people under their control as roughly 35% of the country has already gotten the virus, and pretty much any vulnerable person who wants a vaccine now has access to one? Well, watch out for the new variants that, of course, just magically appeared and were never there all along – they will make us start all over again!” Read The Blaze to continue reading this article.

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