Will Hillary Clinton’s Aides and Friends Abandon Her, Like She Does Them, During Times of Trouble?: The Perjury Issue

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When Hillary Clinton, under oath, told members of Congress that she turned over all of her work-related emails, was she telling the truth? Could she be charged with perjury as claimed by Donald Trump? Could any of her surrogates, or handlers, be proven guilty of subornation of perjury?

Additionally, it is a crime to make False Statements before Congress– did Hillary do that? A review of legal precedent shows that a prosecutor would be required to demonstrate that Clinton intended to deceive the Congress.

Clinton’s claims in the past now seem to belie the notion that 1. She did not have classified material on her server; 2. She was only operating one server; and 3. That all of her emails had been screened, and those that were work related were turned over.

There seems to be little doubt that Clinton has lied about such matters. However, proving that she intended to provide false statements may be overcome by “playing dumb” on this critical element. 


We think a successful prosecution of Clinton would require the input of her aides, staff members and others who have knowledge about these emails. That is why we suggested that Congress subpoena these people before them. The devil is in the details, and it likely that this information will come through the testimony of these people since it is unlikely that most of them would take the fall for Hillary Clinton– especially, given the Clinton track record of abandoning their friends. 

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