Why is Donald Trump continuing to lead the pack in the Republican race for President? People I ask say that his greatest asset is his unadulterated commitment to protect American citizens regardless of political correctness. “He tells it like it is”, many of his supporters say, and “he doesn’t care who he offends”. Still others say, “He is saying what a sizeable number of Americans are thinking privately but do not necessarily want to say out loud”. Although American citizens have long embraced Immigrants into our melting-pot society, the face of terrorism has frozen the desire of many to mix with people they perceive to be potentially dangerous. They are also generally frustrated with Immigrants they understand to be unwilling to assimilate. Trump has tapped into this silent majority of conservatives across the board. Although liberals are outraged with many of his shock-jock comments, an increasing sizable number of Americans are probably not. Those Republicans and Independents who reject liberalism, but also find Trump to be too caustic, or not conservative enough on religious matters, will ultimately fall into the Trump camp at the general election. Because Hillary Clinton will never be able to get out the Black vote as President Obama has done, the election will be very close. The people who are mostly outraged with Trump will vote Democratic as they have always done and not turn out in greater numbers than they have in the past. Independents who are less enthusiastic about traditional liberal causes and more likely to be frustrated with Immigration and terrorist issues are more likely to vote for Trump and they are likely to turn out in greater numbers than they have since the Reagan days. Fear is part of the equation, but more generally, many Americans are tired of being disliked, taunted and attacked.

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