The New York Times, when analyzing the dump Trump PACS, mainly funded by radical conservatives and the always present billionaire donor class, which are in turn funded by the owners of oil, gas, financial and chemical companies, has said that Gov. Walker (Wis. Rep.) is carrying out attacks on Trump because of his own self-interests. They are absolutely correct. They have also called Ted Cruz an ultraconservative who favors exclusion foreign policy themes and treats foreign nations as enemies as opposed to potential allies. The Times prefers the Kasich approach where foreign nations are not viewed as enemies. The Times is right about Cruz in the sense that he is quick to call foreign nations enemies but they should expand their analysis about Cruz to include the fact that he does not have any workable or safe alternatives (to current policy) other than his call to patrol Muslim districts with greater intensity. Cruz is a dangerous man in many ways; one need only to review some of his past legal briefs and memorandums to discover his hatred for the constitutional principles that traditionally have provided protection for Americans.

While the Times is right about Cruz’s character, they miss the mark on Kasich. He is not as angry as many Americans are about the second-class treatment this country receives from foreign nations and, therefore, he exudes a sense of reasonableness to some: But the Times incorrectly opines that such “reasonableness” is coupled with intelligent perspective, and that is simply not the case with Kasich. He has a lot of “gosh”, “golly” and “I’m for all that is decent and right for Americans” in his speech repertoire but he lacks the substance to lead a country. Moreover, Kasich, according to some who worked with him in Congress, say that he is not the kind and gentle man he portrays on TV. His lack of substance and occasional cruel dispositions make him as dangerous as Cruz. That leaves Trump, who with all of his problems, still seems plenty intelligent. He doesn’t use canned speeches and makes himself available to all news mediums. Because of his unfettered access policies, he makes gaffes and needs to re-walk things now and then. The bottom line is, however, Trump can be believed, he is sincerely passionate and he is competent– the same cannot be said about his opponents. 


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