With Donald Trump, we don’t have politics as usual, you know the template brand politician talking about “restoring the power to the people”, “leveling the economic playing field between the rich and the middle-class”, “empowering women in the business and political arenas”, “strengthening  the military” , “lessening the country’s presence in military affairs”- all stated in the strictest politically correct tone. No, with Trump you get the real deal, no soft pedaled metaphors or sugarcoated aphorisms or moderated racial or gender sound bites aimed at appeasing culturally sensitive folk- or for that matter, language that has been tamped to attract, but not openly embarrass, similar thinking angry Americans fed up with modern liberalism or too much godliness – he simply puts it out there for all the public’s consumption. We saw the banal responses of the candidates at the last Republican debate- all (but Trump) worried that they may make that fatal misstep that sends their candidacy south; for the most part, they rehashed old ideas and spoke in generalities. On the other side, one candidate, using an almost identical platform used by former Senator Eugene McCarthy, rails against the military and espouses socialistic  ideals and concepts, while the other main candidate spends much of her time covering up or explaining her past alleged lies, while keeping her personal wealth on the side (many of her potential supporters do not have much money). While certainly Trump cannot be lauded for his misogynistic comments and overreaching  immigration claims directed at immigrants, he isn’t making deals with the devil (accepting money from entities seeking to gain influence), and he is letting people know what he thinks- that’s something new to politics. One has to ask, do you prefer an open and honest debate going forward, or do you want the toned-down version where the politicians put their best spin on issues that always have separated the parties- or in other words, more of the same bullshit we seem to always get. Trump has pissed off many liberals, women (I suppose talking about an aggressive reporter’s menstrual issues is over the top, but not as bad as getting a blow-job in the Oval office, or the other too many to mention examples of actual sexual abuse committed by parties from both parties), and minorities with his brazen speak- and they won’t vote for him and he knows that- nor should they. But to his credit, he hasn’t lied about the way he thinks. Is Clinton being straight up? – truth be told, we don’t know- with Trump you know. Many people in this country like this approach. We don’t plan on running out to vote for Trump soon, but we feel it is disingenuous to fault him for telling it the way he honestly feels.

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