Woman Caged Up for Months in Storage Box Found, Two Bodies Found Nearby in Shallow Graves

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Suspected Serial Killer, Todd Kohlhepp

Two bodies were found on suspected serial killer Todd Kohlhepp’s wooded property near Woodruff, S.C. this week. The couple had been reported missing last December. The victims have been identified as Meagan Leigh McCraw Coxie and Johnny Joe Coxie, a couple in their 20s. The couple had been buried about 11 months. The extensive tattoos on each were helpful in determining their identities.

Meagan was found Sunday and Johnny were found on Monday, Clevenger said. Both sets of remains were removed Monday afternoon.
The cause of death for both victims is pending, however, but according to preliminary results, Meagan died from a gunshot wound to the head and Johnny from a gunshot wound to the torso. “I’m definitely prepared to say this is a homicide,” police said.
The discoveries occurred on Friday in an isolated rural property near Woodruff, S.C., after a woman was rescued there a day earlier from a storage container in which she had been chained up and held captive, according to officials.

The woman, Kala V. Brown, was in good condition and spirits after having been “chained up like a dog for two months,” the sheriff for Spartanburg County, S.C., Chuck Wright, said at a news conference. Deputies heard Ms. Brown banging on the container when they were searching the property.

Update: November 12, 2016

Todd Kohlhepp’s mother, Regina Tague, says her son told her there are no more bodies buried on his property and that she expects him to plead guilty in the deaths of the seven victims whose remains have been unearthed there.

He gunned down four people at a motorcycle shop in 2003 and within the last year killed three more, the Daily Mail reported.


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