You Wouldn’t Expect a Group of Liberal Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyers to Favor Trump Over Clinton, But They Did

Donald Trump is coming to a rally at the Sun Country Airlines hangar at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International today. The event is scheduled to start at 2:00 pm, and the gates are open at 11:00 am.
Trump’s Minnesota event is a fantastic thing for a few reasons. Last night, I was at a “boxing” party with a few of my criminal defense colleagues a mere two miles away from this destination. During the boxing matches, the Trump/Clinton deal came up. You would think a group of liberal criminal defense lawyers would have it in for Trump: He is pro-cop and for the death penalty.
But you would be wrong if you thought the group was voting for Clinton: The vote was 7 for Trump, zero for Clinton (More amazingly, two of the people there are moving to Jordan!). No one there believes right for minorities or anyone charged with a crime. “She engineered the draconian minimum sentencing laws for young black males,” one of the lawyers said. Moreover, the entire group felt that Clinton was a bigger crook than most of our clients. “She has African Americans and Hispanics hoodwinked into believing that she supports changes in laws that now discriminate against minorities– she doesn’t,” one lawyer said.
The fact that Minnesota is dealing with an Obamacare crisis in that premium costs are increasing by 59% is also a factor, two members of the group said. Indeed, the increase in Minnesota will be the fourth-highest in the country. Clinton is a strong supporter of Obamacare.
The other reason the visit is surprising is that Minnesota has rarely been a good state to campaign in for Republican presidential candidates. The last Republican to carry Minnesota was Richard Nixon. But this time, some say, the rural vote will swing slowly for Trump. Clinton will count on the urban minority vote. However, Clinton is particularly disliked by outstate voters, and the turnout there is expected to be very high. You can count on substantial support from highly educated (beyond a B.S. degree) voters who have experience with the criminal justice system for Trump in Midwestern states.

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