Jed Allen with an axe

Allen depicted in one of his many grisly social media posts.

Thames Valley police are desperately searching for Jed Allen (21) who is suspected of stabbing to death Philip Howard (44), Jan Jordan (48) and their daughter, 6-year-old Derin, at their Didcot home. Didcot is a small town in Oxfordshire, England, 9 miles south of Oxford with a population around 26,000. Allen is on the loose and considered very dangerous. He has a fascination with Marvel characters like X-Men’s Wolverine and has a distinctive tattoo spider on his left hand, and a scorpion on the right hand.

Jed Allen

Jed Allen

He has posted his own picture next to a  Wolverine character on his social media profiles along with other depictions. Allen had been working as a groundskeeper at Oxford University. It is not clear whether Allen is related to the victims, although the police have hinted that there may be a domestic connection between the alleged killer and his victims. Allen is only a suspect at this time and has not been proven guilty of any crime.

UPDATE: 5/27/15: The hunt has ended, a body identified as Allens  was found.

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