“I have been critical of her for over a decade—long before she announced her political aspirations. I have studied her business record, challenged her leadership abilities and have come to agree with the assessment that she was one of the worst technology CEOs in history”—– The head of the Yale business school, Jeffrey Sonnenfel

For another perspective on why why Carly Fiorina is not qualified to be President, see this Washington Post article. Her failure as a CEO can hardly be denied—the company’s board had no reservations about canning her. Her dubious decision, to acquire Compaq, at a time when Silicon Valley’s marketable technology was unsettling or questionable, directly forged the path to HP’s substantial losses. When she was fired, HP stock shot up 7 percent. There is little doubt that she greatly harmed the company. Ok, so she isn’t much of a business leader, but would she be better at running the country?– Probably not. Her visions on how she would beef up the military, and confront Russia, as recently expressed in the CNN debate were unrealistic—not talk to Putin at all! Placing military bases all over the world without even knowing whether the host countries would cooperate. Increasing the number of our navy vessels by wide margins without expressing why this would even be useful. At a time when the U.S. is facing broad and substantial difficulties at home, on race, poverty, justice and other social issues, she focuses on the need for military strength. She wants the U.S. to put its nose in the business of every country in the world. Analogously, as in the case of a misguided parent, she not only wants to mother her children but those of parents around the world as well. Granted, terrorism, and groups such as ISIS, are hot-button issues right now. The same could be said about personal computers  at the time she acquired Compaq,  The question is, would she rush to judgment without the appropriate aforethought?–  If Fiorina’s history, and her present demeanor, are any indication, she likely would. The nation cannot long afford such rash judgments.

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