Yellow Jacket protesters in France continue to rally across the country protesting President Emmanuel Macron’s Green Tax hikes


Protesters from the ‘yellow vest’ movement protested in the streets this week throughout parts of France demanding social and economic justice and voicing their disapproval of many of President Emmanuel Macron’s ideologies.

French and German activists joined forces at some of the locations, but the numbers of protestors were way down from those who took to the streets in the March 16th riots in Paris and last year’s rally in November where an estimated 282,000 people turned out.

There were reported clashes with the police but nothing like earlier events where luxury stores on Champs-Elysees were looted and ransacked. Protestors maintain that the government is purposely playing down the actual number of “yellow vest” protestors and have vowed to continue their fight for social justice.


The protestors were mainly from pockets of rural areas and consisted of people who could not afford the hike in gas prices caused by “green tax” on fuel promoted by Macron. The group’s core has spread to urban regions.

Supporters of movement are upset with Macron’s slash on France’s wealth tax. French polls indicate that eight out of ten people support the goals of the yellow jacket movement.  We think it is time for Macron to reach out to these people to find common ground.

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