Young Voters and Millenials Object to Biden’s Refusal to Quit Hiding in his Basement

Many people are saying that Joe Biden is not mentally fit to be President. He remains hidden in his basement for most of the last 83-days likely hoping that his problem is not officially discovered anytime soon. He longs for Trump’s self-implosion as a few handlers feed him with typed (extra-large letters with simple words) scripts for those few occasions when he tries to speak during an electronic (Zoom or the equivalent) format. It is sad. 

Joe Biden is “hiding in his basement” because he’s too “incompetent” to hold a media conference and “string together five words,” President Donald Trump’s Senior Legal Advisor Jenna Ellis says. “This is someone who clearly isn’t very mentally fit,” Ellis said. 

“It’s going to be very interesting if he tries to say that he won’t participate in the debates,” she added during a recent interview. 

The Boston Globe printed a column concerning Biden’s “invisible” act. The writer engaged with a panel of 500 potential voters. Eighty percent of the group reacted negatively about Biden’s continuous absence. The group consisted of Democrats and Republicans- more than one half of the Democrats agreed. 

“He’s been silent on the national and world stage,” said Joseph, a Democrat from Massachusetts. “His social media presence is pathetic, and that is especially tragic since it’s going to be a centerpiece of communication as we work our way out of this situation.”

His outreach to millennials has been ineffective, according to young voters on my panel who backed Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Steven, a Democrat from New York, said that the message “Vote for me to get rid of Trump” doesn’t resonate with him or his friends, nor does a plea from their parents’ generation just to swallow the pill. “We want to know what Biden will accomplish for us beyond the election, and how he’s going to do it.” Added Charles from Massachusetts, “As a person of color, I just feel that Biden needs to earn my vote and reach out to me on the issues I care about.”

We can answer Steve’s question what will Biden accomplish for you? He has done hardly anything for you for the fifty years he has held public office. Biden will do little for you if elected. He likely will not be making any decisions—he will be handled. As protests and riots increased across the nation, Biden stayed hidden. Now, he is hoping and praying for Trump to screw up. He will never be a leader.

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